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Artists’ Ateliers / Pune, India

This competition, initiated by “Archdais” (Network Pvt. Ltd.) and titled “The Container Studio, a sustainable den for designers” has been an opportunity for us to express ourselves more freely and lightly, while respecting town planning rules and a precise program.

On a 750 m2 plot (with 450 m2 of buildable area and a maximum height of 9 m) facing a main road with high traffic volume and two secondary roads of the town of Pune in India, the following was requested:
Program Competition (PDF – 3,3 Mo): Click Here
Site Competition (PDF – 607 Ko): Click Here
Other constraint: a unique use of 20′ and 40′ containers (with a height of 8’6“).

Poster Competition (A1)

In a town as energetic as Pune, the opportunity to work with containers, and moreover for an artistic location, has been a privileged occasion for us to present a contemporary project in motion.

A2, Akshara Atelier, presents to the city an urban sculpture which at first might seem rough but makes room for a continuous dynamic allowing for a swarm of ideas, the confrontation of critical minds, and the realization of avant-garde works.

The architecture is deliberately plain with colors, since the surrounding exterior, the in-progress artwork and exhibits already display so many. Yellow with nuances of grey accent the building placed on an epoxy resin mirror.

The premises are destined to welcome traditional visual and digital arts with a specific space for projection in the inclined 20-foot container between levels 1 and 2.

By scrupulously respecting all the competition’s demands, we are offering a café on the first floor in front of a semi-public “place”, Ateliers for artists at the levels 2 and 3 and a pavilion for exhibits at the levels 2 (double height ceiling) and 4 (terrace).

Important precision: our floor space is below the maximum 50% with approximately 180 m2 (3 containers for the Cafe and 2 inclined containers laid on the ground).

The handicap access is assured for all levels: ramps from level 1 to 2 and an electric lift chair from level 2 to 4.

#014 – Akshara
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