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On a 10,000 sq. ft. plot (100′ x 100′), located in East Downtown in Houston, containers of 20′ and 40′ welcome a gastronomical village with four kitchens: Levantine, Mexican, Vegan and Texan, with a capacity of 200 guests.

In a green oasis (green floors and terrasses), new containers with artistic murals (restaurants, kitchens, technical room, and restrooms), and other used containers with wood structures (for the seats) welcome a cosmopolitan and heteroclite clientele on two levels. 

*** At this time, this project, on our own initiative, does not have a contracting owner. The land on which we are planning to build does not belong to Namma & Containers LLC. And our company does not have an agreement with its owner.

View and Download the World Food Eado Booklet (PDF – 24 pages – 8,1 Mo)

#013 – World Food Eado
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