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From the conception to handing the project over, we intervene at all levels to offer different «ready to use» designs with shipping containers as the main structural, functional, and aesthetical elements. These undertakings take place in various fields: residential and commercial; cultural, promotional, and artistic.

We are also ready to accommodate and tailor to your specific needs. Hence, we can provide the most adequate solutions to your expectations.

With recognized architects at the helm, our ambition is to bring to each project – whatever its size (from the most modest to the most ambitious) and context – a singular and unique architecture, which will distinguish itself from all the other creations in its field (individual housing, social housing, student housing, restaurant, hotel, commerce, etc.).

Moreover, all the aspects linked to sustainable development are in the forefront of our preoccupations to produce autonomous and smart architectures.

Autonomous architecture

We have the desire to produce independent buildings, producing all the energy they need. With recycled containers as our primary material and in tune with the three essential aspects of sustainable development – ecologic, social, and economic – we try to introduce as much as possible the following elements in our projects: solar panels, windmills, rainwater retention and recycling, green walls and roofs, Canadian wells, reinforced insulations, and favorable exposures.

Smart architecture

This aspect of numerical intelligence is directly linked to the energetic autonomy of a building. Indeed, the continuous control of a building’s computer elements is also a determining factor in the reduction of energy expenses, and thus favors an eco-friendly approach. 

With some volumes and their components connected in real time to their users and to various regulatory systems, we will be able to maximize the following items:
– Bringing an excellent quality of life to respond to the multiple expectations of the customers.
– Maximizing the numerical environment to incorporate an important number of connected objects.
– Focusing on computer security against potential cyberattacks.
– Paying close attention to the technology changes to have the buildings updated on a regular basis and thus avoid obsolescence risks.

Our motto: to conceive and produce viable projects, livable and fair, and essentially economical.