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“There’s A Tree House of sorts in Ladonia, Texas, made from shipping containers. This is an extremely unique treehouse that’s not really a treehouse because it just seems like it would be too heavy for a tree to support! But there are plenty of trees around this place.
It’s 6 floors and 1600 sq ft with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 5 balconies(one of them is screened), and a crow’s nest up top. And look at that spiral stair case! Also, i’m obsessed with the string of lights between the staircase inside. Scroll down and check out the pictures!! This is definitely perfect for a couple’s getaway, the past guests recommend that the kids stay at home anyway. Gives you an opportunity to bring out your inner child.“
* Gallery Credit: Treehouse hosted by Steve via Airbnb

Air Castle
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