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For the Emancipation Park 150th anniversary celebration in 2022, we propose to create an ephemeral artistic structure commemorating the oldest park of Houston and the State of Texas. Our ambition is to work with Emancipation Park Conservancy and the City of Houston for the inauguration of this event to be on June 19th, 2022 (first time federal holiday):Freedom Day, Emancipation Day, and Jubilee Day.

Artistic totems will be installed on the “Event lawn“, to honor the history of this park created by the reverend Jack Yates and his followers.

Today, and more than ever, this park has a strong symbolic and functional impact in the Houston’s South-Central neighborhood, its vicinity, and much further. Therefore, we are suggesting this ephemeral artwork where art and humanity will create testimony in this place. 

On a checkerboard of twenty tiles, 5 x 4, north-south and east-west – nineteen containers of 20’ and 40’ are vertically set or suspended; the 20th has no volume with just a commemorative place appears on the ground. The exterior walls of the containers are in an anthracite grey color.
A selection of Houston’s Street Artists will ornate the interior walls. These artists will be invited to work with children and youth from the communities on the following themes: Living Together, Equality, Justice, Education and Diversity.
Some containers, opened and closed, will include portraits and videos of people who will share their stories and testimonies about the history of the park.
In addition, we plan to install a mist cooling system to make the visit more pleasant during the warmer weather and an inspired lighting system will be programmed to enhance the installation and make it more secure at night.

This ephemeral installation will be available in Emancipation Park for a duration of 6 to 12 months (this installation will be recycled into another permanent artistic work for a different location).
Through out the period of the installation we will propose an enriching program for families and community members. We will include performing arts such as music and dance performances, as well as workshops, poetry readings/writing, etc.

We, Roses.

Claude Yacoub & Nivine Ibeche – Architects, France
Houston, September 7, 2021

Yvonamor Palix – Curator of visual and performing arts

FINAL VERSION – 9/7/2021

View and Download the Emancipation Park Installation Booklet Version 2 (PDF – 32 pages – 5,1 Mo)


Claude Yacoub’s Art Installation References (1992-2006)

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