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July 4 is an urban sculpture commemorating July 4, 1776: Independence Day.

Structure made in 9 numerated original samples (J4 #1 to J4 #9). Each copy will be “unique“ and personalized according to the town or county where it will be set.

For this, a survey of the chosen site will be done with a maximum of details: history of the location, neighboring urban axes, neighboring structures, geographical orientation, prevailing winds, other natural constraints, etc. With this technical dossier in hand, we will be able thus to define the different elements that will make indeed each structure a unique one: slopes of the 4 containers; materials for the floor, structure and containers coverings; colors and marking; lights and sounds.

This structure, in its basic format, is made of a framework of 7 (month) frames with the dimensions of the containers of 40′ High Cube and 4 (day) containers of 40′ High Cube. These containers are fixed but due to their positioning in space, they seem to be swirling in the air. Finally, the 4 numbers – 1, 7, 7, 6 (year) – are cut in stainless steel plates and hung inside the containers that look like telescopes pointing towards the sky.

At night, these 4 symbolical numbers are projected on the floor and shed light on the pedestrian’s steps. The containers are transformed on light canons illuminating the sky.

The slab supporting this structure measures 24′ x 28’6“. All its volumes projected on the floor measure approximately 70′ x 70′. A much larger field is required in order for this sculpture to blossom and give its full measure.

* The photographs of the sites where the “July 4“ are set in this file are from Claude Yacoub: Cincinnati, OH – Houston, TX – Los Angeles, CA – Paris, TX – San Francisco, CA – Syracuse, NY.

View and Download the July 4 Booklet (PDF – 24 pages – 4,7 Mo)

#029 – July 4
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