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LOT-EK is an architectural design studio based in New York and Naples, Italy. Founded in 1993 by Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, it has designed institutional, commercial and residential projects globally. “
” As a studio, LOT-EK is committed to ecologically responsible and intelligent methods of building. They have built a critical architectural practice through research into the adaptive reuse (“upcycling”) of infrastructural and industrial objects — most notably the standard 40-foot shipping container.[4] They are recognized for initiating the concept of creating architecture with shipping containers and has successfully leveraged this construction technology with several award-winning projects. “

LOT/EK is a unique and award-winning design studio that makes sustainable and soulful architecture through the transformation of industrial and infrastructural objects. We make the ordinary extraordinary. Our practice is experimental, ecological, and technological. But we are also mindful, simple, practical, and personal in our approach to each project and each client. “

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